Low Budget or No Funding Novelty

Low Budget or No Funding Novelty

I was talking to some people recently who wanted to make a feature film and one person was complaining that he had no money and resources to do it. Another person then commented how that was a bad way of thinking. He mentioned about this real story apparently about a person who actually used his cell phone to record the video and in turn made it into a feature film that got a lot of attention. That was even surprising for me to hear.

At the same time, that sure showed how there really is no excuse if you really want to do something and at the same time doing something with very little money can actually be good too. I always found that you will be judged differently if people know how little money or resources that you used to make an idea come to life. It’s just a matter of getting pass that thought that you need or have to do things the same as everyone else.

You can save money and at the same time be an innovator that establishes your own market as oppose to trying to fight over a piece of the pie. Ever notice too that in success stories people often love to say how little money and resources they had when starting out just to make it big afterwards? It’s not as compelling if the person say came from a rich family right? Learning to use that novelty in your growth stages can definitely be something that you can embrace to gain support and recognition for your venture.

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