Losing Potential Sales When Rushed

Losing Potential Sales When Rushed

Today I went up to the mountain where you can get in for free if you choose to literally walk up. That is what I did to save money plus it was an activity for the day. To get back down though you still needed to pay for a lift to get down. To do so I pre-paid for a ticket ahead of time where you then get a QR code for your phone which they scan to verify. So when it came time to leave the employees started to scan the people’s ticket’s in front of me. However, for the person right in-front of me he appeared to be having a little difficulty.

Once that was sorted out, surprisingly the employee didn’t bother to check if I even had a valid ticket as myself and a few other people appeared to have just been let in. I can only conclude that due to the delay of that one incident the person just tried to rush everyone through since there were rides going up and down. But thinking of how many people just went through at about $20 each person that could have easily been over $100 of revenue for the company.

While that is bad, it makes you wonder if there is ever a time where it is justified such s maybe the delays would actually cost them more money to the point where it’s better to eat the potential loss. I know bus drivers do it all the time where they let people take a ride for free if they are behind schedule or if they feel the person on the bus is a trouble maker where they will make a big deal of not wanting to pay money.

The other perspective could be this is the reason why companies often tell people to do everything by the book regardless of the circumstance.

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