Losing Customers Because of Disliked Employees

Losing Customers Because of Disliked Employees

This was interesting I thought as recently a person was telling me that they wanted to switch her phone plan with an existing company that she already does business with as they have a good package that could help her save money. Upon entering the store though she realized the only person working was an employee that she had bad service from before. So as result she just left as she didn’t want to deal with him.

Can you imagine that where a customer is pretty much ready to buy from your business and you are oblivious that because of the actions of an employee you pretty much lost a sale. In this case they will probably still end up getting her as an additional service customer, but I would imagine for something like a basic retail or grocery store where prices aren’t too different the person would have just bought it elsewhere.

I suppose this is why as well a lot of companies have things such as surveys on the receipt in hopes to learn what people like and dislike about their shopping experiences to prevent stuff like this from happening.

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