Loose Change Total
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Loose Change Total

Finally got around to counting all of the loose change. Again, here is the picture for reference:

Piggy Bank Coins

The breakdown came out to something like this:

Pennies: 408 = $4.08
Nickels: 134 = $6.70
Dimes: 207 = $20.70
Quarters: 355 = $88.75
Loonies: 39 = $39
Toonies: 25 = $50

Total = $209.23

Not the highest I have accumulated, but decent I’d say. I know what surprises most people usually is how many quarters there are as normally one would expect to only have a lot of pennies. Most of my loose change comes from buying items from stores that don’t accept a credit card. Example, if an item was $1.50 most likely I would only have a five dollar bill and so at the end of the day that coin change gets stored.

Almost like a self disciplined savings contribution. I can easily imagine spending it too if I didn’t store it away at the end of the day. Now the trickier part is usually afterwards on what to use the money on as I don’t just want to spend it on say dinner but rather find a way to invest it to hopefully accumulate more funds.


  • Athene Paroupoloulis 10/21/2008

    What are you going to do with the change now? Are you really going to count it into rolls and take it to the bank?

    There used to be machines that you could dump your change into and it would automatically count for you.

  • Alan Yu 10/21/2008

    Not really sure what I will do with it. I’m open to ideas. :mrgreen: But in general, yeah….I am going to roll them all up and put it in the bank.

    It’s not too bad as I will just do it the way I have always done it as a kid. Basically, like with the quarters I would first manually stack up a roll of 50 quarters and stand them up. Afterwards, for the next 50 I don’t even have to count it as I simply match the height of the existing one. Then, in the roll they go.

    Be nice with a machine, but this will do.

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