Looks Like The Credit Was Given

Looks Like The Credit Was Given

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What a surprise this was when I checked my blog comments today. As you all know, I was having trouble canceling that hosting account and had to initiate a chargeback. From the looks of it, the owner of the company replied to the post and mentioned that they have credited me back.

I thought the comment showed a lot of interesting business topics though. While maybe I interpreted it the wrong way, the comment came across to me as if he was trying to place the blame on me as to why that account wasn’t cancelled in a timely manner. In some ways I felt this way too because I specifically read a comment from another person where he felt the same was done to him.

Even if that wasn’t the case, that is one thing that is important I’d say in a customer service oriented business where it is important to try and not place the blame on the customer rather than helping them understand why the situation occurred in the first place. I am actually interested in hearing a reasoning for it as from what I read many have experienced the same. Hopefully that helps them too.

You know what the other thing I was thinking about too? Was action taken in crediting me back promptly a direct result of me contacting the company or because of the post I made in sharing my experience with others? I never actually did get a callback for the record. In general many times that is true where you will get a cold shoulder response from a business until the story is made public. Does that mean you should write about every little issue? Course not, but it’s an option I suppose.

So, glad I got my credit back. Actually, there is another service in that account that was to be renewed as well in the later months that I requested a cancellation for as well. Wouldn’t that be funny if I get charged for that in the coming months.

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  • Chuck 7/31/2009

    Hello Alan,

    I was interested in reading your article as I recently had a very similar experience with Blue Fur. I had an account with them for sometime and for no apparant reason I began to experience service disruptions and my email stopped working on several occations. Several emails and phone calls into customer service got me nowhere and I received a few promised call-backs which never happend.

    On my 4th attempt at phoning in I was directed to the billing department and informed they showed my account as deliquent for non-payment. When I emailed them all my payment receipts showing all the payments which had been charged to my credit card I received a very short, rude email similar to the one you received from Gary Jones informing me it was my fault for talking to the wrong departments. Even though I followed the instructions from their help support system AND submitted the ticket as they requested.

    I have since moved my service elsewhere and attempted to cancel my account with them both through their help desk as they request as well as I have sent several emails to billing as they requested and yet they continue to attempt to charge my credit card. Fortunately Mastercard has blocked them for me so all their attempts are rejected by my bank.

    Like you I wonder what ever happened to good customer service? Is it too much to ask to be treated with a little bit of respect? Seems to me that blaming the customer is a poor business strategy.

  • Alan Yu 7/31/2009

    Hi Chuck,

    I guess this truly isn’t an isolated incident. As for the article, I updated the post with the links to my original posts about this saga.

    My personal theory why the billing department seems like a nightmare is that as indicated in the other post I believe they are reselling at least some of the services. Therefore, when someone like you or myself cancels there is more to it from their end and this process is not obvious to the customer.

    Of course, that isn’t an excuse for the type of treatment that you and I have experienced. I am actually genuinely hoping that me posting this information will actually help them to take a closer look at their system to improve it too. Doesn’t look like it will be the case though based on your comments too.

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