Looks Like I Have To Replace Some Computer Parts Soon
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Looks Like I Have To Replace Some Computer Parts Soon

This computer that I am using seems to be having its issues for the past two weeks as it seems to be unstable and unable to operate under a dual channel ram mode anymore. After doing some quick tests, it looks like replacing it with a new motherboard will be the answer. It’s one of those situations too where you have to make sure the other computer parts that you currently have will be compatible with the new board. By the looks of it though, I may have to buy a new video card as for my current set up all the suitable motherboards now seem to be PCI Express based.

I guess it’s good that I am comfortable in fixing it up myself which will save a lot of money. Maybe I’ll blog about it too as I know that I have readers who are truly only business and financial minded and has no clue what I just said above nor would they even dare to open up a computer. Maybe this will show how simple it can be. Don’t try it yourself if it is a computer that is work related of course and you are not sure what you are doing. I’ll probably be doing it sometime in the following weeks after all the festivities are done.

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