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Looking Like You Cater To One Specific Gender Only

While getting a haircut today the owner told me an interesting happening where for some reason a lot of potential male customers would come in the store and ask if they cut men’s hair as well. She thought this was weird as she doesn’t advertise the store as women only and she even has prices for men’s haircut versus a women. We were then saying how stereotypically when you think of things like a salon you automatically think of it as a very feminine place such as painting one’s toe nails and such.

I was then mentioning too how the whole store had like model pictures of women too which further gave the impression that this was a female only place. As a result they tried to put a lot more signage to
specifically say they welcome male customers as well. They even went as far as placing a barber’s pole outside the store to hopefully attract more male customers.

Kind of shows you how important your store design can play when it comes to attracting customers huh? Imagine how many customers they loss where most people probably wouldn’t even bother to ask too.

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