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Longer Travelling Period Which Costs Less

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I was trying to research about flight and hotel deals in order to help my mom get to that Celine Dion concert that is happening Las Vegas. The initial thought was to simply book a two day trip as the main purpose is just for the concert as opposed to exploring the city and area in general. The funny thing was when I researched about different days and packages a six day stay for example was almost the same price if not cheaper than staying there for two days. Go figure.

The main reason was that they were offering discounts and credit for people that choose to stay for a certain amount of time. The discounts ranged from ten to thirty percent off it seems. So in many ways, it would seem kind of strange not to take advantage of those deals instead. That isn’t exactly the first thing you would think of if you were trying to save money as you would be inclined to say reduce your travel days to make it cheaper. I guess now it’s more of a debate if she actually wants to stay there for the extra days.

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