Longer But Easier or Shorter But Harder Route

Longer But Easier or Shorter But Harder Route

Recently I was with a friend and there was a situation where he was very tired. To get back he could either walk around the area which would take longer but it was mostly a flat surface. Or he could go up a flight of stairs which was shorter but way harder due to his fatigue. So which one did he choose? Eventually he decided to use the stairs and as expected it was extremely hard for him. Eventually he did make it of course but it really wore him out.

It makes me think how you often have these types of choices when doing any kind of project where you are your own boss. Do you normally choose the easy or hard way? I think for myself I usually prefer the hard and tough way that will get equal results faster simply because time is supposed to be the most valuable commodity you have. Therefore it should be a no brainer to try and save as much time as possible.

The only time I wouldn’t choose the harder route is if I know doing so will cause me to lag in other ways in the future. For example, like the stairs example if that meant cause an injury where you need to rest for two days then it makes more sense to choose the longer but easier route. But even in that case the bottom line is which one saves more time.

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