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Long Vacation Trips And Finance

I was recently talking to a couple who ran their own small business and due to the nature of it they mentioned that if they stopped working they would lose a lot of money which is a big reason why they don’t really take long vacation trips to say other countries. They then brought up an interesting point mentioning that many people take these long vacation trips and spend so much money while they are there. By the time they get back, they have pretty much placed themselves in a money crunching situation and on top of that they lost money by not working. Basically, while it is fun and relaxing, they mentioned how it is like a car where so many people buy one when really it ends up being an extreme money drainer for a person who is already tight on funds. Therefore, they will only take one when they are truly in an ideal position to do so.

I thought that was an interesting perspective about the topic and is something that everyone probably has some kind of experience with. On the other side I guess a big point on why people would take a long vacation is so that you don’t go crazy from working too much as if you are say stressed out then you won’t be in a position to do a good job anymore in what it is that you do. For myself, the last time I went on a really long vacation trip was with my family when I was still a kid. Come to think of it, I’ve never really been on a long vacation trip, say two weeks, since then as when it comes to my professional life I’ve honestly never been to a point where I just want to get away from it all as enjoy what I do.

From a financial point of view, just thinking about it I guess it can be true where a lot of people take these long and luxurious trips even though they can’t really afford it as I suppose it is easier to justify since one’s health and well being is usually the reason attached to doing so. For myself when it comes to buying or spending money on things in general that are not within a necessity category, I personally never go with the bare minimum or just getting by approach. So if I was to go on say a long vacation and let’s say the tickets were $1500 both ways and with maybe $2000 in spending money, I wouldn’t go unless I had say an extra $6000 floating around in my spare funds account as that really makes sure that I can truly afford it. I mean, if you are truly doing it for fun and relaxation then make sure you won’t be coming back with a boulder strapped around your leg. I think everyday should feel like a vacation where you get to enjoy it.

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