Loblaws Quickly Versus Discount Policy

Loblaws Quickly Versus Discount Policy

Well that was fast as it was only a few days since the company Loblaws announced that they would stop offering near expiration food items at a 50% discount. With all the bad publicity it sounds like they officially announced that they will indeed continue to offer these discounts versus just say throwing away the items. I think that was the right move and many times companies would stick to their decision for the sake of saving face. So I have to give them credit for actually stopping something that was generating so much negative attention.

I guess an interesting thing now is if the company will do anything to patch up the wounds they created where people viewed them as a money hungry corporation. What would you do to repair this if this was your business? For example, have more sales? Donate funds to charity? I think this is one of those long-term projects where if the company consistently shows they are trying to lower prices then that would make people just forget about this incident.

I know for a lot of PR firms their strategy with bad PR is to simply try and drown it with more positive items so that when people do their research it will seem like the negative was an isolated incident of sort. Similar to seeing one bad review out of one thousand good ones for a product. Groceries are one of those things people have to buy all the time too so they can likely repair that relationship pretty fast if after a few trips to the store the customer sees a lot of positive things.

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