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Living With No Money To A Point

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I met an elderly couple the other day who was telling me about their life before they immigrated here to Canada which was over four decades ago. Basically, everyone in the family had to at least have some kind of farming skill as for the most part they grew and harvested their own food. Of course, they were telling me how they didn’t have TV and all too.

As of now, they are pretty much retired and have a very healthy financial situation that is probably better than most when it comes to retirement. A lot of it they attributed to the fact that they can live without money to a certain degree that makes them more inclined to not buy things they don’t need or can’t afford. At the same time, they try to use their available resources to the max.

Guess that made me think where if I was to say stop earning an income as a means of survival today and simply went with the old fashion survival route, how long would I last? I know there are some people that wouldn’t know the first thing to do for example if they didn’t have a cell phone and I know for sure I’m not on that level.

I think it is a good thing to think about as by listing the things you literally wouldn’t know what to do without it should make you sit back and think if you did find a way how much money can you save as a result? Example, lot’s of people say they can’t live without a car. Just by quickly sitting down and trying to think of ways to replace it can probably open your eyes a lot when it comes to saving money.

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