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Live Auctions

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This week I was informed about an auction that I may be interested in as a company had to clear out all of their old software and equipment. There were actually some software products that I was interested in.

Usually with software though, many times the license key won’t activate again once you have installed it on one computer. Considering this is an “as is” sale, I asked them to clarify whether or not they were sure that the product key would still be good. They kind of hesitated and just implied that it should. With that, I decided not to buy anything but rather attended it for experience as I never been to one before.

My first reaction was, why do they need to talk so fast in auctioning off a product? I guess I am too used to an online auction environment. I took a quick video as a sample for those who have never been to one:

A lot of products were being sold off for like $5 to $20 when a new copy of the product would normally be at least a few hundred dollars. Seems like a lot of people were buying items not because they needed it, but rather the announcer would mention the retail value of the product which then makes people feel kind of silly not to buy it. Was an interesting experience overall. I think an online auction is a better overall.

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