Listening Only To People That Agree With You

Listening Only To People That Agree With You

I was watching thee wrestling segments recently where one of the commentary was about story lines where the talent was essentially acting as if they despise the boss to paint a picture of the typical evil corporation that doesn’t listen to people. As well, how all the executives only listen to people who agree with all of their ideas where they are labelled as “Yes” men.

That got me thinking as recently there was a scenario I saw where a person hired an artist to create some work but for various reasons they didn’t really like it. Long story short, to me it seemed like it was a debate of making something very literal and old fashioned whereas the final output seemed to be more creative and stylish. An analogy would be for a company name one person names it “Google” where one individual thinks it is ridiculous as no one will get “search engine” from that. So the name should be more direct such as “Best search engine.”

So the artist tried explaining why they created it based on the information they were given. Seemed like a valid point from what I heard. But ultimately it seemed like the decision maker ignored any input that may have suggested the unique style may be better and simply went to people that agreed with their view. That actually happens a lot and it makes you wonder if people actually try and train themselves to avoid that.

Otherwise I would feel this is how scenarios such as Blockbuster laughing at Netflix comes about. Imagine there as the person who simply goes to people who join in with laughing at the idea of an online video streaming service and swaying off others that suggests it could be good. Sometimes unfortunately it takes a huge loss in order to realize that you need to listen and consider all perspective attentively.

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