Limiting Every Item That Is In Demand or Not

Limiting Every Item That Is In Demand or Not

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It seems like for a lot of companies they are unable to help serve a lot of customers due individuals buying everything for themselves as a result of the current virus panic. There were even situations where stores specifically held shopping times in the very early morning for the elderly to buy needed items from the supermarket. Sadly, even in that situation you had people buying way more than they needed out of fear where again not everyone is able to get essential needs.

So it seems that a ton of stores are now simply putting signs everywhere that various items have a purchase limitation such as one or two. It wasn’t just things like with toilet paper but rather even small items like pieces of cheese. I suppose during these times it is kind of necessary. It makes you think where for some businesses if you are looking at it just by the numbers then you realistically don’t care if someone buys out literally everything.

During times like this though it’s probably the most socially responsible thing to do in terms of limiting quantities. Although, the other thought is even without a pandemic of sort trying to serve as many people as possible is probably better. That means more chances of having more people spread the word about you. The more happy customers the more potential for growth as well.

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