Limiting Events To Increase Interest In Them

Limiting Events To Increase Interest In Them

They often say that too much of anything can be bad. With that it was interesting to hear how one organization held weekly events to try and promote sales and awareness for certain projects. For the most part they would get small turnouts but would still achieve what they hoped for. In contrast, there was another organization with similar goals and targets except they hold events only once a month. Because they only have one, it attracts a larger crowd giving it a livelier feel and apparently they get more results because of it. For example, people taking pictures of the huge crowds and showing it online.

That can be true for a lot of other things such as a sales event. If you have them too frequently then people are likely to hold off knowing the net one will come soon. This is versus companies who rarely have a sale and so when they do have one people are more likely to really pay attention to see if it is something they should take advantage of.

You probably would assume initially that doing more should always be better in these cases huh? But many times people just get burnt out by seeing it too much or don’t value it a much since there appears to be an abundance of them.

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