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A Lifestyle Business Model of Living Off Tips and Donations

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Probably way back living off of donations for your work sounds like a terrible idea. Nowadays though I see so many people doing it where it is kind of normal. In many ways it’s like the basic core of being like an entrepreneur where if you make something great then people will support it by buying your product or service. In this case it is people giving others a ton of donation money or I guess you can call it a tip as they want to make sure the person is taken care of to be able to continue.

This seems very common for artistic people online such as those making videos or even various educational material. As well, it seems common too for people who simply create things like an application for free where after they stick up a donation button and people pour the money in where the creator can live off of it. That does sound kind of scary on the surface level as most people would envision like a person on the street asking for money. Or imagine running a restaurant where you rely one hundred percent on people to pay what they want(Which has actually happened before).

I guess the good thing of this is it forces you to really make sure that you are actually doing something that you love. Because if you are motivated just by money I don’t think one would last very long in the beginning.

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