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Life Without Money Challenges

Today I was hearing a comment from a person that mentioned he was extremely satisfied with his lifestyle where he literally just wakes up, eats some food, watches the news and the sleeps. It does not cost him a lot to live this type of lifestyle and of course he doesn’t need to work that much as a result. One person was then saying he lived this lifestyle for the longest time and after he would rather have the financial challenges just so that he is forced to be constantly active.

I think everyone feels the need to do something challenging at one point or another. Although, financially that doesn’t necessarily mean trying to go from being broke to say being wealthy. I’m inclined to say that is why many people who have it set financially continue to make more money as it’s a challenge in many ways. Making more for less, finding ways to do things more efficient, etc.

As long as you don’t artificially create a bad scenario financially for the sake of a challenge then it can be a hobby of sort too. Example, purposely gaining weight for the sake of a challenge to see how fast you can lose it isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do I’d say. Everyone needs a challenge.

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