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Life In A Day

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I often feel that life experience is one of those things that actually have a huge impact in terms of how well people can manage their money and resources. Often times unfortunately we need to experience these things first hand in some way to be able to learn from it. I don’t think it is feasible for everyone to like lose a million dollars in a day to learn not to be crazy with money as an example. But this is where reading and watching the stories from others can give you the same kind of enlighten I think.

I saw this video today called a life in a day which pretty much shows the life of various people living in a day. While this isn’t specifically business or money related it kind of shows you how much there is to do out there and how everyone has different obstacles and perspective. To that it’s kind of like you would have to ask yourself what did you do today? If you are ever complaining that you don’t have enough time or money to ever do anything watching things like this should hopefully help to open up your perspective.

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