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Liars Can Be Funny

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So I am currently in the midst of taking care of a situation that has been long overdue which involves trying to expose the truth as obviously someone is being deceitful with the issue revolving around money. I was just reading over some literature about the incident and with that alone I thought that it should be so horrendously apparent on who wasn’t being truthful.

It appears that the person is trying to lie so much that he is trying to create this extremely fictional story based on the material that he has as opposed to if you are telling the truth then you are using various things to solely back up your points. As a result, his own writing demonstrated contradiction after contradiction to the point where you have to wonder if you are dealing with an adolescence of some sort.

I remember that saying on how for every lie someone makes they need create another two lies or so to back it up. Reading all of this just made me think of the movie Liar Liar with Jim Carrey. So I just had to find some clips from the movie to watch.

Definitely would be funny if you could make liars tell the truth like that huh?

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