Less Travel Luxury To Save A Lot of Money
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Less Travel Luxury To Save A Lot of Money

I was trying to find some deals for a trip out of curiosity and the first thing that I thought of was to use a price comparison site to try and get a feel of what is too high and what seems to be a good deal. The interesting thing in my mind was that when I visited various sites the travel distance seemed so miniscule that paying say $400 for an airfare felt like an overkill. An over exaggeration would be driving a car and using $2 worth of gas for a few blocks when you could easily just walk there.

I immediately started to think of alternative ways to travel and financially it sure sounded appealing. Basically, a flight would take about an hour but would cost about $300. In comparison, a train or bus would take about four hours and the prices were around $35 to $50. You can’t help but to look at the drastic difference in prices where it almost seems silly not to take the cheaper route unless you truly are that pressed for time. It’s definitely not as fancy, but it should make you think about more than just one way to travel if you can save that much with just this simple example.

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