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Leaving Out Prices

Today I was watching a video where person was talking about some marketing material. In general, it was pretty evident that it was designed as a way to promote his products and services. While there were some interesting tid bits, what I found interesting was that many times and even at the end he would say you can buy his product by visiting a specific site and yet he never actually mentions how much it costs. It’s not until you actually go on the page where you get the surprise.

I guess strategically you want to do that as if it is really that expensive then most people would just look at the price tag and walk the other way before you can even say anything. Usually the method and mindset is that people buy items or services because of the story you are selling them and so the company needs all the time they can get to try and sell people that vision.

It can be a bit irritating I guess you can say just from the user’s point of view. Wold be like watching a commercial where this food item looks so tasty where they don’t list a price and when you get to the store you see that it is like $100 and then feel mislead in a way. Definitely a dangerous way to do it if you rely more on a smaller customer base as opposed to mass marketing it.

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