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Leaving Good Impressions For Cancellations

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So recently I decided to cancel a hosting service from a company as I just needed to use something that gave more features and flexibility. To my surprise I was given a bill to renew for another year’s service. I just politely sent an e-mail stating that I thought the service was canceled already and was then directed to a page where I could close the account.

It was interesting as on the page it said that if I canceled right there I wouldn’t be charged anything and on top of that my account would have a 10$ credit should I ever decide to go back to them. I was just thinking how that left me with a positive impression of the business that made me inclined to try them out again in the future.

As you know a lot of companies would try to be stubborn in this situation as they will try to use every technicality in the world to keep billing you. I guess the mentality is if you are leaving anyways that they might as well get as much from you as possible. As shown here though, continually trying to win the customer over even if they are leaving can equal more business down the road.

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