Learning Which Customers To Avoid From Others

Learning Which Customers To Avoid From Others

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Often in a business setting you can get the customer from hell as they say where it seems like nothing you do will ever satisfy them to the point where they will just drain your time and money. So most people wold like to avoid those people if they can. That’s when I saw how one person approached it. He essentially went online to read reviews of other companies more as a way to see how he can do things better. But one thing he looks for is if there are any people who just seem to leave negative feedback on everyone.

This might sound bad, but with that knowledge he actually actively tried to avoid that customer in particular. For example, if the person wrote a question for the business on its forum they would actually say they don’t think they have what they are looking for and would recommend a different place that may have the item. That’s kind of bad huh?

Then again, it makes me wonder if it is a smart move sometimes if you are pretty certain the person just wants to be negative. That’s a tricky call too since sometimes every business may have a style that only certain types of people can resonate with. That would mean you would have to actually try and help them as a customer to find out. Would you take the risk?

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