Learning To Speak For Yourself or Hire A Company

Learning To Speak For Yourself or Hire A Company

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I was thinking as I watched the news on various topics where reporters were chasing after an individual in an attempt to get some comments about a story. However, they clearly didn’t want to say anything since it was all being recorded and one wrong word could mean the end of their company’s reputation. That’s usually why companies hire PR firms and representatives o do the talking for them since technically that is their specialty in regards to trying to word things that put the company in the best light.

That made me wonder though, if you were going to spend thousands of dollars each year hiring others to do this type of work would you ever think to just invest that money to train yourself to be able to answer tough questions in front of the media as an example? It’s almost like social media where you could get a company to do everything or you can do it yourself.

Usually small operations have no choice as budget wise hiring a firm can eat up virtually all of one’s profit. But if you had a choice in general would you ever actually just train yourself to be goo at it to the point where you are your own PR firm?

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