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I was looking at these business services today where kind of like doing taxes you can either do it manually yourself, do it online or simply have a firm of some sort do it for you. The thing that caught my attention was how most people that don’t want to do it in a manual paper way kind of assume that only say a firm could preform the services digitally and therefore they skip the thought that all they need is to research what tools the firm uses and to see if it can be obtained on a consumer level as well.

Kind of reminds me of something as simple as scanning photos before where many thought it was this high tech thing that only large companies could do and in many cases for a small business all they are using is a simple scanner you can buy at any store. I usually like to learn exactly how people do things in cases like these as if all they are doing is say pushing one button and you are paying like $100/hr it should make you think if it would be better to just invest in the same tools or resources that they use.

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