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Learning New Skills and Technology To Save Money

Often a lot of people don’t bother to learn the latest software and hardware products as for a lot of people they don’t see any use for it. So today it was interesting to hear when a person was asked what their monthly Internet and phone bill was surprisingly they mentioned it was almost sixty dollars a month whereas everyone in who was on the same plan and company were paying about forty dollars. Everyone was curious why there was a discrepancy at first. It turned out that this person was making long distance phone calls the traditional way where as a result they were charged per minute.

Afterwards the person was being shown all these simple software programs that they could use such as Skype to virtually eliminate that bill where the only stipulation is that the other person needed the software too. The person was surprised and made a comment on how they just never bothered to learn about modern day technology as they felt it’s too late in life to do so as it’s not like they need to know for a job as an example.

I was thinking about that as it is true in many ways where people tend to only learn new tech and skills if it is for work purposes. This is assuming the person isn’t naturally interested in an industry that is. But for myself I often learn stuff for the sake of saving money as well. Making your own food and drinks would be an example of that as it is just so much cheaper usually than paying store prices. I suppose you can say here it’s about investing for the future where your knowledge will pay you back tremendously.

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