Learning New Skills if It’s Free or Not
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Learning New Skills if It’s Free or Not

I was seeing a lot of advertisements again recently for government funding where people can upgrade their skills in various topics in a effort to future proof the workforce in the country. Apparently, you could get about $3500 worth of funding and depending on the institution you could learn things ranging from design work to agriculture related endeavors. For what I saw though there were so many options that primarily focused on environmental issues such as data collecting which I can’t see myself using for any of my current endeavors.

But in this case would you actually take the time and free funding to learn a skill that you will likely not use in the foreseeable future? A funny example would be if the government gave you $3500 to learn a new language on the list that you can’t see yourself speaking in your daily life would you learn it anyways to have that extra skillset just in case? Or would you consider it a waste of time?

There was actually one course I saw that seemed kind of wild where it dealt with tracking wildlife like a bear which sounded interesting but it was not a locally available program. I would have probably did that because even if I don’t end up using my newly learned skills the experience almost sounds likes free trip of sort. Sometimes it’s hard to let that much money go to waste too huh?

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