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Recently I was debating if there was anything new for the year that I wanted to learn/do. While I am exploring my options and seeing the best ways to incorporate it into my lifestyle, in the midst of this I saw so many offerings ranging from small workshops that cost a few hundred dollars to intensive weekly program offerings that cost thousands as options to learn new things.

What this made me think of immediately was how it’s not enough to just want to learn/do something but rather you have to be prepared to make it a part of your life for it to really stick and be worthwhile. Unfortunately I don’t have a statistical source for this, but it’s almost like one of those wealth seminars or learning about finance in general. Basically, people say they want to learn something new for the better and spend hundreds of dollars learning from experts and yet more than half of the people will do nothing with it or simply forget it all in a short amount of time.

So before I invest time or money in learning new things I always question myself first whether or not I would truly be using my new found skill/knowledge throughout my daily adventures to grow as a person as oppose it being say some kind of resume item stuffer. Otherwise in most cases it just ends up as a time and money drainer I think personally and so I would avoid it. Of course this is referring to more time committing items and not smaller items.

If you invest in something for yourself then I guess it is only appropriate to expect something in return from yourself too.

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