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Learning From A Real Person

I was talking to a friend today and he was fascinated about how people make money online with various affiliate programs and how it works. I think the most common reaction on what people think the barrier is when it comes to this is that it must be expensive to do. As you all may know, it’s more about a time investment than anything.

He was telling me about this book that he bought that was on sale before an how it mentions that it will probably take him two weeks or so to learn it. This is very basic stuff too such as signing up with programs. I was just saying too how I could guide him through that in like two hours as the logistics itself is pretty straight forward.

I often found that learning from real people can be a real time saver and I always try to explore that option before investing money in materials like a book to learn a new trade or skill. Especially for things like this, it’s often the follow up help in practicing things hands on where you really get to learn stuff.

The only thing was that in this case I was willing to do it for free since it is a friend. So in other situations of course factoring in how much a person charges should be a factor on whether or not the time saving aspect is worth it financially.

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