Large Yearly Figure or A Small Monthly Figure

Large Yearly Figure or A Small Monthly Figure

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I saw some advertisements today about various work at home opportunities that were specifically targeting parents as this is suppose to be one of those easy side income type of opportunities. The interesting thing was that I saw the same company advertising the same opportunity except the two ads had a different pitch in terms of the income potential.

One of them was saying how you could earn an extra $100/month with its simple method while the other one mentions that you can earn and extra $1200/year. Again, it was the exact same offering. If you were to choose one based on first glance which one would immediately attract you to it more?

Thinking about this technique that some marketers do, I would be inclined to say if you saw a person holding a yearly $1200 cheque vs the monthly $100 one odds are the yearly one would grab more attention. Regardless of the fact that it is the same amount in the end. If you are specifically trying to use figures as a way to garner attention, then sometimes holding off on a payment to accumulate it can be an effective marketing move.

Again, this is purely a marketing related scenario and not a financial management one.

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