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Large Price Differences With The Same Company

Today I went shopping for a mother’s day gift from a book store and it was so surprising to see the prices of the books. I was looking at the company site and it listed a book at about $19. At the store though they were selling the exact same item for about $33. I was just thinking, does running a storefront really cost that much more for that business or are they just capitalizing on the convenience factor?

It was even stranger because the company had an in-store pickup option. So you could literally save money by going to like an Internet café next door, purchase the item online and then picking it up as oppose to taking the item to the cash register. Very odd way of pricing your items I’d say. I suppose at these times of the month most people just want to get the item now and so the business can profit off that.

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  • Something similar here in England. I purchased a fridge freezer for £470 from Dixions online, it was delivered by Currys who own Dixions and PC World. Yet on Currys website the same item was £600 a difference of £130 and it no doubt came from the same storage depot.

    Paul Stephenson 5/13/2010 10:03 am

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