The Lack of Persistence With Your Available Resources

The Lack of Persistence With Your Available Resources

There was an interesting contrasting example today when it came to generating leads and customers that is probably very common where often people say they have tried everything where nothing works. At the same time the important question at times can be how long were they actually doing it for? For this example there was a guy who was trying to advertise to the public to get more students for a school. He had a zero budget mindset and used Craigslist. Sure enough as time went on he was able to get a few people.

Then another person who was in the exact same industry and field tried the exact same methods of advertising on Craigslist as well. However, he got no results and was saying how it doesn’t work. At the same time he thought he was doomed as he didn’t have the budget to spend on more lavish forms of advertisement that costs money. So of course you may be wondering what the other guy did so different right?

For this example it’s kind of hard to believe that the main difference was the first guy made a post every week as to him he knows that the needed to keep it fresh to potential people who may only be seeing it on specific dates. He other guy literally just tried it once, got no results and then concluded it doesn’t work. This should be a good example where many times you have the resources you need to be successful at whatever it may be. You just need to put in the time and be persistent with it to even give it a fighting chance as the say.

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