Knowledge Instead of Money For Image Perception

Knowledge Instead of Money For Image Perception

Today I brought out a laptop as I needed to simply check out an offer that a person was telling me about. The comment the person gave me was very interesting as she told me that it was time to buy an iPad. The immediate comment that jumped out from me was how I was not going to pay $500+ for a device like that when what I have is currently suitable. She was then saying how people will think I am way behind the times if I don’t get an item like that.

It was funny too as since this was a tech related topic we then got into a little conversation where I clearly knew more about what was hot and upcoming in the industry which made my point about not wanting it purely for financial reasons a lot stronger. That just got me thinking where some people are so caught up in wanting to look like they are “current” where they completely forget that what you know plays a big part of that too.

Granted that image does matter in a lot of cases, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to accomplish that goal if that is the sole reason to do it. If that was the case I would have probably been broke a long time considering there are always new and better things every month.

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