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Knowing So Many Types Of Businesses

Funny thing happened today where I received a phone call from a person whom I talked to before and my assumption was he was interested in collaborative for some kind of project. Thing was he started his sentence with something along the lines of he works with a team in a distribution company and gave me the name of the team while asking if it was something I was interested in doing. Immediately my thought was he was part of some direct sales company. When asked what company he was with he still persisted to say his team name only. After persistence he eventually said Amway.

I was just thinking how regardless of time every type of business continually uses the same kind of sales pitches to the point where you can immediately recognize what the person is trying to sell or do without really asking much. It’s kind of useful too as usually when you network with people this way you can better determine what the motive is of people too. I sure have been researching so much about different businesses too the more I think about it.

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