Knowing you Can Fix Your Financial Situation By Changing Habits
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Knowing you Can Fix Your Financial Situation By Changing Habits

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Today I was having a conversation with a person who was saying how he pretty much has a lifestyle of debt where the credit card bill remains unpaid fully to the point where he is paying a lot of interest. At first he was saying how that’s just simply how it is due to life. I was then trying to find out more as to why that was the case and tried to inquire about the interest rate he pays. That was the interesting part as he mentioned he doesn’t even want to look at the bills because it would probably be too depressing.

I then expressed how I would be willing to look through all of it to see how he can pay off that credit card debt by simply making some small lifestyle adjustments. My stipulation was that he would actually have to follow through if so. That’s when he started to say how there are a ton of things he probably could do such as preparing his own meals as opposed to dining out. That was interesting because as you remember before he made it sound like there was no way to drop the bill.

Kind of funny how that is huh? We often have so many ways to become debt free like with the credit card but it’s almost as if one just accepts debt as a normal way of life because they have been doing it for so long. If it is all about having money to spend too I guess the motivation of having all that extra money by not having to pay those crazy interest rates isn’t enough for many.

In many ways too it feels like looking at your bills or doing a little every day to pay off any debt should be like exercising where you just need to do it somehow. I know for myself when it comes to both I try to make it part of my lifestyle as opposed to a chore. Afterwards It feels weird not to do it.

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