Kids Wanting Practical Gifts Versus Entertainment Products
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Kids Wanting Practical Gifts Versus Entertainment Products

You would think as a kid whenever someone asks you what you want for a present you would think of that toy or say video game that you see in the commercial and stores. But you don’t exactly have the money to get it which is why kids usually request for these things as a presents. But how about situations where kids request for products to help them in their everyday life as if they are an adult?

The first example was kind of interesting as a child was apparently starting to play baseball and his birthday was coming up. So he was asked a question on what he wanted for a gift. The person told him that they could get him something fun such as a toy that he wanted or they could get him something like gear for his baseball game once he starts playing to help with it. When he thought about it he thought getting some gear would be better even though he wouldn’t be awhile to use it for awhile.

There were even some other examples where school is actually coming back soon for kids and when asked if they wanted something for fun or say a tool to be used for school they thought the tool would be better. It’s kind of surprising that kids are actually thinking of practicality and all in terms of what to ask for. Kind of throws a wrench into the thought that just getting a kid something like a bunch of candy is exactly what they want per se as a gift.

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