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It was interesting to see a scenario recently where I person I knew was confident that his personal and professional network of thousands of people would offer him support where it was pretty much a guarantee that there would be a lot of people supporting him at his fundraising event of sort. The surprising thing was though that It seemed like less than five percent of the people he knew actually did anything to support. It was definitely shocker to him of course.

That’s actually very common as many times make connections just based on quick introductions or people simply add you for the sake of having more people on their list. That’s why for myself I often make it a habit to try and see who the people that genuinely support my work are. One way I do this is if it is something public I take extra notice to see who was willing to publicly spread the word to others without me even asking. For one thing that shows me if what I have create has merit on its own where people would appreciate it and at the same time it demonstrates who is engage with the stuff you do.

It becomes very useful especially when you made it per se to know who is truly there for you as opposed to wanting to leach some of your success. May not sound important but just read of all the stories even with money in general where when certain people became financially wealthy then everyone they knew came knocking at the door. Like there it can be hard to know who is really there for you so that you don’t get taken advantage of.

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