Keeping Procedures Based On Habit

Keeping Procedures Based On Habit

I was recently booked to work on a project where I actually wondered how its COVID protocols would be now that it’s been awhile with so many changes. In this particular industry they were every strict initially such as requiring everyone to get tested pretty much on a daily basis while having to mask up. As you may be aware, a lot of other industries have been relaxing the rules such as the airline industry. As it turns out, despite mandates lifting it seems like all the original procedures are still in place.

It got me thinking where a lot of these measures were never meant to last forever of course. But with that in mind, will it become just a standard day at the job per se eventually where people simply got used to it? For example, something like a daylights savings where people always say it will be changed but ultimately we just keep it.

Why this can be an interesting thought is if we get to a place where we don’t certain things then keeping them in place will ultimately just cost time and money. For example, keeping a subscription for a newspaper when someone is literally just reading the news online. In this case too they contract companies to do the testing where I can imagine again where if it reaches to the point where we don’t need it then that can be costly.

You see it all the time with established companies though where when they become big the cost itself doesn’t seem substantial enough to the point where they just keep it.

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