Keeping People Engaged With What You Do

Keeping People Engaged With What You Do

I had a funny situation the other day which I thought one could relate in business as well. You often hear workers in companies that start bickering about people that are in more senior roles such as management. Essentially, issues can come up such as people saying higher ups only sit at a desk while getting more pay while barking orders. So therefore it creates a sense of division.

So there was this scenario in which I am volunteering my time to help organize a large group of people and sure enough that situation does come up at times. Except in this case no one gets paid. Essentially I found out that there was a person within this group that was actually being deceptive to everyone in an effort to scam people out of their time and hard work I guess you can say. There was definitely enough proof to clearly show what the person was doing.

Now in this situation I was thinking I could just say bring the person into like the “office” privately to deal with the matter. From there basically I could simply ban him and just generally tell people what he did and why we had to do this. However, I felt that in this situation it was better to get people engaged with the whole matter as it is a situation that affects everyone and at the same time it helps to continually allow people to see the type of work that an “upper management” does everyday.

So what I did was that I held a mini meeting of sort where while everyone could see and hear what was going on only myself and the person in question was speaking. He was aware of this too as it was almost like watching an episode of The Apprentice. As expected everything was done calmly and professionally where ultimately the person had to admit his wrong doing and then ultimately getting removed. As expected too, this kept everyone else engaged for the like the type of things I have to do and people would comment with remarks after such as there is no way they could have done that without blowing up at the guy for example. So therefore, there is a mutual respect that while they are working hard to make things better so are others as well.

So granted you can’t always do things like this in a commercial business setting due to like privacy issues and so fourth, the key point here is don’t underestimate how educating everyone with the things you have to do on a daily basis as well can increase productivity. It help everyone to respect each other and ultimately have more pride in doing the best they can I say as opposed to people spending so much energy in thinking like people at the top do nothing.

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