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Keeping Copies As An Investment or Deleting Them To Save Money

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I was kind of surprised the other day where a person was saying how all these photos and media files that he took before which he no longer really uses takes up so much memory to the point where having so many hard drives can cost a lot of money. So therefore to him it made logical sense to just delete all the photos and videos that he took since he doesn’t really need them anymore.

To me that is a little crazy despite it being true financially where you would save money immediately. You just never know when your old work can be revitalized again where it could even be more valuable later. A good example could be you may think your videos of the town are so boring that no one would care now but if that place went through a transformation in the future that archive footage could be very valuable.

I cases like these I think it is worth it to invest some money in archiving your work and creations as you won’t be able to get it back whereas money you can. Almost like the saying how you can’t buy back time.

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