Justifying High Prices For Professional Portrayal

Justifying High Prices For Professional Portrayal

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Recently there was this printing company here that created some dialogue in terms of how expensive it is to print certain items such as business cards and photos. I think for things like a photo reproduction it was about $2 a print. Some people mentioned that was an extremely high price while some threw in a comment how you should pay for it anyways if you are a professional. They were even mocked too for even allowing price to be a factor while being labeled as not taking their professions seriously.

That’s interesting I thought as this kind of reminded me of big brand named sunglasses. Essentially, a lot of them probably cost about $20 to $30 for the retail store to acquire and yet they still sell it for a crazy marked up price like say $200. Now in those situations, many times it is because the manufacturer demands that its products be sold at those high prices to maintain its image.

At the same time, you then have many consumers saying how the product is so much better than a standard one and that you should just pay for the best if you want to look the best. Times like those I would tend to agree that if there was simply more competition the price would drop like a rock or that you can simply find something very similar for less.

I think when you are starting out on anything it can be a tough decision unless you already have the name or recognition where people would not pre-judge you based on the tools that you use to portray yourself. Then again, some professions like a real estate agent usually requires them to maintain that expensive image.

I suppose justifying a high price tag for an item that is marked up extremely high in a business sense can be more about politics than the quality itself.

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