Just Stacking Excess Freebies Like Google Rewards
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Just Stacking Excess Freebies Like Google Rewards

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Just recently I got one of those surveys from the Google rewards app where for the most part I answer it whenever something comes up. You usually get like ten to twenty cents per survey which isn’t going to make you rich of course. But as of checking today apparently I have accumulated about $60 worth of credit. I don’t really have anything to purchase either. But in my mind may as well just collect it in case I do intend to buy something like an app from the tore one day.

I often do that for a ton of things. Even this walking app I have been using gives you credit that you can redeem for gifts but I have just been saving it. Apparently it’s worth about $300+ dollars I was told. If it doesn’t really cost you anything and you don’t have to go extremely out of your way it can be a nice extra avenue to treat yourself or even get gifts for others on occasions to save money as well.

It is indeed extremely small when it comes to compensation. But I think you have to treat it with the mindset that it is something free that can add up as opposed to replacing like your day job. Maybe it will encourage you in other ways too on how there are actually a ton of ways to make extra income if you put a little effort into it each day.

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