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Just Showing Your Work To Prevent Bias Judgment

It’s not too surprising where many times people make a snap judgment against others due to stereotypes to the point where one would lose potential business not because they can’t produce quality work but simply because someone assumes you can’t. The classic example would be teenagers saying the have a great idea only to be laughed out by investors as simply being kids.

When I think about it too this is something you may want to think about when starting out. For example, if you started writing a tutorial about a complex topic which people can purchase I know there are lot of cynical people out there where if they feel the person doesn’t “look” like an expert then they will bypass you. So imagine in those cases where you just published the material without any corporate or author photos that you would normally see.

People would then just judge your material for what it is. The feel good story would be to just be who you are and all, but when it comes down to business decision like this it may be wise to simply do what makes sense to increase your chances of success.

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