Just Saving Your Anticipated Extra Payday or Risk Investing It
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Just Saving Your Anticipated Extra Payday or Risk Investing It

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Recently I have been doing a lot of work for a company where as a result I am expecting quite a bit of funds where for the most part this is extra money for the year. One thing that I was actually wondering is what would you do with this money? Would you just dump it into the savings account and let it be or since this is extra money would you treat it like an investment fund where you don’t mind risking it on something to potentially earn more?

In so many ways I am inclined to say it’s a good opportunity to explore various investments that you would normally think is too risky since these are technically extra funds. Because many times I feel you have to try different things as well in order to potentially maximize what you can do in life to generate those income streams so that you can ultimately have all the time in the world to do other things than just focus on making money.

That doesn’t mean go to the casino as an example. But rather maybe it’s investing in a start-up company or even a product that sounded like it could make your life a lot easier to free up time. The only drawback is that is always comforting to see your hard earned dollars add up in the savings. But to me as an adult too we should be past the piggy bank phase as a child where the skill should now be how to use what you have to earn more within reason?

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