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Just Not Looking At Your Investments

One advice during this economic crunch that I heard is that for people who have investments in items such as a registered retirement savings plan is to simply not look at it. Reason being is that the numbers in the market aren’t very good and it is likely to cause a lot of people grief and stress when people see how much their portfolios have dropped in value.

I know one person who actually refuses to look at the stock markets in the wee early mornings as he mentioned it is easy to get addicted to seeing all those numbers jumping around and causing yourself a lot of unnecessary stress just to see things turn normal later on. Therefore, he mentioned that if he specifically invested for the long term then he only checks his portfolio say after the markets close.

I personally think the only time you should be really worried to want to check them 24/7 is if for some reason you are in it for the short term or were originally planning to pull it out very soon. All about your situation in life I suppose.

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