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Just Need Your Consent

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Today I got a telemarketing call from my bank in regards to some kind of credit check service for my credit card. While obviously they were trying to sell me a product, the interesting thing was after the person finished their pitch the only thing they said was that all they needed now was consent so that they can activate the service.

Essentially,the person didn’t even tell me about the cost or anything. Of course I asked about it and it seemed like it was a $20 a year service. It makes me wonder how many people actually sit there and say yes to these types of pitches as I would assume it’s one of those scenarios where it must be working for them to do it. Most people probably assume it is a free service huh?

Then again, maybe they did mention the fee but was simply rapid talking it so fast that it kind of bypassed me. Almost like writing a tiny fine print in a service agreement. Whenever people talk so super fast in telemarketing calls like these it stereotypically makes me think they are trying to sell something so it already puts me in a state of mind to not accept it. I would be inclined to say just advertising the service on say their online sites wold be more effective.

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