Just Making Familiar Things Look Different
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Just Making Familiar Things Look Different

I was watching this hilarious video recently where someone editing clips from the movie Jurassic Park in which normally people in a vehicle encounter a dinosaur. As it would appear, in this video the creator edited out the dinosaur and replaced it with a cat for some humorous results.

It seems to be doing pretty well too. It got me to think how when it comes to creating marketing material to get people’s attention a lot of people focus in just creating original pieces from ground up that no one has ever seen. In this case, it’s about taking something that is well know and redesigning it in a funny shocking way.

If you think about it, you do capitalize on nostalgia for a lot of people for these approaches which can work in your favor immediately as well. Of course there are a lot of legal factors in creations like these, but in general it’s a creative direction that I don’t many people take.

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