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Just Getting Used To It

It was raining here today and while passing the park I noticed that there was a group of people playing soccer. Despite the weather, they seemed to be dressed up the same as if it was a sunny day. For one reason or another this made me think of so many scenarios where people say they can’t do something because of the weather or circumstance yet like in this case people are simply used to doing the activity regardless of the weather condition.

It makes you wonder how many times there are things that we say we can’t do when really what we mean is that we prefer to do it a certain way as life has catered us to expect things a certain way. That’s one of the reasons where it is good to observe say different cultures and how other people make a living as more often than enough it opens your eyes as to how little you really need to make something work. If you are forced to be in a certain environment long enough then most likely you will learn to adapt with it.

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