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Just Creating The Platform For People

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I’ve noticed recently that a lot of companies have been creating ways to help educate customers on how to use the products that they purchase. For example, cell phone service providers placing up in-depth tutorials on how to get the most out of the devices that they sell.

I was then just thinking how other companies do this by utilizing their own customer base as opposed to relying so much on hiring an internal staff to do so. For example, a common method I have seen online is that all the company did was simply put up an online forum where customers can interact with each other. With that, you see customers talking to each other about products while in many cases the people who are very knowledgeable about various items tend to help others with tips and questions.

In many ways I guess you can say their customers are doing the work for them. Not a bad way to leverage your time while at the same time helping to establish something unique in your own business in regards to the after shopping experience.

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